Friday, September 26, 2008

My first lesson plan!

This week we learned all about how to make a curriculm connection lesson plan that involves the use of technology in the classroom. It was very neat to learn the many different parts to a lesson plan. I especially like the ABCD format of the instructional objective. I'm so glad we go to make a lesson plan to integrate technology into the classroom. Lesson plans are essential to managing a successful, organized classroom. I know that as a beginning teacher I will make very elaborate lesson plans so that ever step of the process is planned and thought through.

Another thing that we learned about this week, was the usefulness of the Tech Lab. It is a great resource for textbooks that schools are using. I really enjoyed looking at all the different textbooks and how the units in each book coresponded with the state standards. I'm sure that I will be using that resource in the future.

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