Friday, November 21, 2008

Final Project!

It's our last project of the semester and the coolest! I get to make a website for myself! The process seems a little tedious as of right now and it's difficult cause the whole class is at different stages so we are encountering problems at different times. I don't mind exploring around the program to figure out how to do certain things, but there are some things that I want to make sure I do them right so I hestiate on acting too quickly. Since this website will be set up in a organized fashion, I definitely think that I will use it again in the future and that it will be a great resource for my students and parents to use. I can't wait to get all the links and pictures in so that it looks amazing!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Start of Something New...

Since I worked on my powerpoint presentation over the weekend, I was finished with it and just made sure all was right before submitting it and presenting to the class. I am very proud of my final product and I definitely think that I will use powerpoint later on for my students. On Wednesday we started the process of making our classroom websites. I really enjoyed looking at the past examples and am excited to create my own. Creating a website is something that is totally new to me!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Step two: Powerpoint

This week we worked on our Multimedia presentation projects using Powerpoint! I really enjoy making powerpoint slides and exploring all the options that are available through that program. Because of all the details that are involved it has taken me quite a while to complete this assignment. I went to the lab for some extra time to work on this project and it was kinda nice to have the lab all to myself and be able to work at my own pace.

When I imported a few of my clipart images they had a white border around them and my slide background was not white, so I went into photoshop and with the use of the amazing magic wand I was able to figure out how to make that white space disappear!

I'm very happy with how my project turned out and would definitely consider doing activities like this one for my future students!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Step One: Storyboard

This week we finished up our excel spreadsheet activities and the presentations to the class. Our next assignment is a multimedia powerpoint activity. I'm excited to be learning more about powerpoint because I've only used it for basic classroom presenations. We didn't get to start using the powerpoint program just yet though. First we have to make a storyboard, which details the layout of every slide. I like to be able to start exploring on the program, but I know that it is important to have everything organized and laid out first. I hope that this project is another that I am very proud of when I reach the finished product. I already hope to use powerpoint in my future classroom!