Friday, October 10, 2008

Making Movies!

On Monday we got to explore an Apple program called imovie. This is a movie making program where you can put in both video clips and pictures with audio and cool transitions. I've worked with Windows Movie Maker before and this program was very similar. Other than working with the program, I really enjoyed viewing many of the movies that Jeff has made of his family. These familiy videos were like scrapbooks in digital form. I've always been a fan of making scrapbooks, but imovies are definitely a great alternative. There are so many cool effects and things that you can add to the movie, and I love being able to watch the end result and see the whole thing all put together. From that classroom activity, I've decided to make a video for my boyfriend for our anniversary! Although it takes lots of time, I think it would be a very neat idea to use this program in the classroom to document students activities and work.

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